Best photo cloud storage to use in 2021

Previously, people used CDs or DVDs to save their videos and media files, and it took quite a long time, plus the discs could get damaged, lost, or whatnot. Now, for this task, there are more optimal solutions called cloud storage. It is easy to upload data there and it remains there completely safe, so you can get it available from wherever you have an Internet network link. In this article, we will provide an overview of the cloud storage that is best suited for storing photos.

IDrive Review

IDrive is, in principle, one of the best cloud storage, therefore, it is also suitable for storing images and other media content. The repository comes with a freeware version that offers 5GB of storage, but if that doesn’t seem enough to you, the paid service will offer as much as 5TP and costs $ 80 per year.

But this service is most likely suitable for professional photographers since ordinary users are unlikely to find material for such a huge amount of gigabytes.

The great news for media content professionals is that they can back up content from multiple devices. The auto camera drives photos to the cloud automatically via your device, and facial recognition helps you streamline all of your images.

Backblaze Review

Backblaze is a fairly experienced server that knows exactly what the user needs and provides comfort in storing and backing up photos. However, this is where all the functions of this cloud storage end, it does not provide any additional ones.

But this should not be regarded as a slack, although it has only two functions, the repository focused on making them as high quality as possible. Thus, the backup function occurs constantly, and by default, you do not need to enter any data, and the storage volume is unlimited.

But you should be aware that although the storage is not limited, you can use it from only one computer and one account.

pCloud Review

pCloud is definitely on the list of best photo storage, it offers you a subscription to life-long storage of 2TB storage Photographers will be flattered that the repository allows you to view sketches and preliminaries of most RAW files via both PC and mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can also use pCloud as your digital album and keep your edited files for about a month. And the icing on the cake is the fact that you can use it to create your website with a URL.

Adobe Creative Cloud Review

Adobe Creative Cloud is ideal for storing your photos securely, as this server was created primarily for this purpose. This online repository is designed to offer you a number of handy options, such as:

  • Group libraries so that not only you but also your friends can add photos to the folder
  • Integration with Lightroom and Elements – make changes quickly and efficiently, plus integration with Gmail
  • Easy to download stuff from any operating system
  • Has RAW file type support

But for such features, developers ask for a corresponding fee, and for some, it may seem expensive. So for a year of use, you will have to pay about $ 120 for just 1TB of storage (the cheapest plan).

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